We are six architecture students who take part in the project "Design in Crisis: Sensing like an animal" and presenting the experiences and results here on the website.


Building a more convivial world with animals – something we do when designing parks or urban green spaces – does not only entail ethical or political commitments, but different design practices and toolkits. In this course we will undertake a collective exploration of animal sensory practices, in order to reappreciate the city and the built environment in a different light.

Using a case-scenario approach, we will learn from these critical experiences to collectively prototype a new architectural toolkit to make us ‘design like animals.’

See more about our chair of this project: http://www.iup.mcts.tum.de/index.php?id=179#c320

@ 2017 Katharina Meenenga, Laura Krohn, Marie Van Tricht, Pedro Racha-Pacheco, Seppe Verhaegen, Victoria Schulz with Wix.com

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