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The Dog Experiment

We went to meet three dogs and in couples we had to walk these dogs, without leading them in a certain direction, but rather letting the dog go through the space in its own direction and at its own pace. From these observations, we had to walk the same route, but this time with another kind of dog. We got a sort tool existing out of a board on wheels, which germans call a ‘Hunde’. We had to find a way to be able to move on it by sitting, kneeing or lying on it. We also tied a rope around the so called ‘Hunde’, so the other person was able to guide with this ‘leash’. We had to try and re-enact the dogs behaviour and experience the space the way the dog did.

The Final Work

“Based on your experience, build a physical model that represents/evokes the urban space as it is experienced by a dog. For your model, use the description you made of the route covered by the dog and your own experience of that same route while sensing and moving like a dog. Your model should not respect Euclidean geometry. It might include elements to evoke the olfactive, acoustic, gustatory and visual perception of the dog.”



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