In order to create authentic sensorial explorations and increase our knowledge about the beaver, we collected research and spoke to specialists, details of this can be found in "BEAVER".

Furthermore, we are documenting the history of the Isar re-naturalisation, the conflict about it and
the roots of what is considered as naturalisation, natural and worth protecting in the modern day.
Everything about this topic can be read in “ISAR”.

Under “COMMUNICATION”, we listed everything we found out about previous attempts to interact with beavers and under “ISAR/COMPETITION” we collected material about the re-naturalisation
competition in 2000, for which we are then creating our own submission (see “PROCESS”).

@ 2017 Katharina Meenenga, Laura Krohn, Marie Van Tricht, Pedro Racha-Pacheco, Seppe Verhaegen, Victoria Schulz with

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